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Al Heilman
Al Heilman

Winter Street Studios




I use my art to express the emotions and feelings that I perceive living on a lake and in harmony with nature. As my work continues to evolve, It serves as as reflection of where I am in life's journey. It is a combination of the many different passions and experiences I have had. I work across several mediums. I am amazed and driven by nature, fire and light. My work is dynamic. It visually changes as the energy of the environment changes around the work. I begin a great deal of my work with photography. I use it as a way to capture a fleeting image of life. My work has meditative qualities and has a basis in sunsets, sunrises and nature. Many of sculptural pieces have varying visual expressions when the light energy surrounding them changes. This gives as a surprising reflective voice of how our perceptions change with the time of the day or the energy we bring to the situation. My fine jewelry is developed much in the same way, as a reflection on nature and the visceral emotions surrounding it. Jewelry is such a intimate object when you make it and for the wearer.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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