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Barbara Rubenstein Art
Barbara Rubenstein Art

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




Art takes me to a fanciful fabulous place surrounded by beautiful color and dramatic feeling. My creations are an expression of what I sense in the world around me. I strive to convey my feelings through the use of many layers of color, texture and movement. My hope is that you will be inspired and energized by what you see, and sense a connection that evokes good feelings and creates a special memory. I hope that my art will take you, as it does me, to a fanciful fabulous place. I paint in the genre referred to as 'abstract expressionism' primarily using acrylics to create rich layers of color and texture while melding geometric elements with vibrancy, spontaneity, and organic form. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, particularly the rich colors and awe-inspiring landforms found in Santa Fe, NM where I paint when I am not at home in Houston.



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