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Carol Simon Studio
Carol Simon Studio

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




Carol Simon Studio My art is a means to feel free and express myself. I am able to tap deeper into my inner-self and find meaning to my life. My abstract work allows me to be playful and open up to new possibilities. I use my intuition to choose which marks and colors to make in response to my mood and feelings to the ones I have already made. I trust my internal cues and my work becomes a dialogue with my creation. I bring my life experiences and personal journeys to each piece of work. Reality is usually my starting point to the painting. However, I am open minded, let go of outcomes and enjoy experimenting with different materials and letting things move in different directions. I use organic shapes and intense and vivid colors in my artwork that invoke a happy and joyful response by the viewer.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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