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Cecilia Villanueva
Cecilia Villanueva

Sabine Street Studios



Mexican artist Cecilia Villanueva explores architecture, past and present with her paintings. Her characteristic blue palette and wall like textures remind us blue prints and frescos. Cecilia Villanueva´s paintings range from early archaeological sites to present ultra modern buildings and blueprints. Her work is clean and cool, almost clinical, mostly streetscapes. Her paintings are direct studies in which Villanueva traces maps, often of prehistoric cities, superimposing her own narrative onto them. However, the true meaning is beneath the surface. “My main attraction to history and anthropology is not the object,” she says, “but the human behind the object.” To her, the importance lies in the individual stories left behind, both in archaic structures as well as todays. “If you live in a building, you will imprint yourself.” And it is this imprint that Villanueva seeks to capture amid the sometimes cold and calculated lines of architectural blueprints and maps. Her artwork is a way of leaving her own artifact, and her paintings hold special messages for her viewers.



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