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Cheri Randolph
Cheri Randolph

Spring Street Studios



Cheri Randolph was awarded a degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans concentrating on the study of Art History. She credits printmaker, Calvin Harlan , a UNO professor, as being quite influential in her composition techniques as well as painter, Ida Kohlmeyer with a better understanding of color. Pictorialism would best describe her current work, stylistically. Cheri has expressed her artistic talents in a variety of ways including; wheel-thrown pottery, quilting, vintage clothing restoration, interior decorative painting and photography. She is a resident of both the Houston Heights and historic New Orleans Uptown. A favorite quote is, 'The bird of time has but a little way to flutter - and the bird is on the wing' - Omar Khayyam. The meaning of this quotation for me is that everything is fleeting. My goal as an artist is to preserve a momentary glimpse which might otherwise have been lost. I have worked in textile and architectural preservation for several years, which has allowed me to save a tangible bit of history for future generations. With my photography, I attempt to capture a moment to share with others which will transport the viewer to another time and place.



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