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Chu Okoli is a very passionate and committed artist whose works express volumes about his remarkable artistic journey and inspiring life story. He began creating art early as a child. Originally inspired by his artist mother into becoming an artist, he went on to receive his BA in Painting and quickly developed into a prolific accomplished artist. He's an artist whose unique style blends his drive for emotive forms with the sublime elements of artistic experimentation. With the avid use of fluid, soothing and yet profound color palette, he has developed a new approach in painting which involves the rhythmic use of curls, motion and palpable concentric circles. Nurturing an avid and curious mind, his hands always dance to the constant compelling rhythm of creativity his mind produces. Chu has exhibited in many International art fairs, art galleries and art shows around the world including: Florence International Contemporary Art Biennale, the Art Expo New York, the Project Row Houses. He recently represented the United States at the International Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence Italy in October of 2015; and has been invited again to be at the next edition in October 2019. Phone: 1 713 291 9456 Website:

Fine Craft / Artisan


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