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Clovis Postali
Clovis Postali

Silver Street Studios




The “unspoiled giants” series is my tribute to the majestic geography of our planet and the vital elements to our existence: the solid rocks we inhabit, the nourishing water in all its forms and the life-sustaining light. On these paintings I’ve subtracted all non-fundamental colors to create imaginary, abstract landscapes where only mountains, water and ice are relevant. I’ve portrayed mountains that exist now or have existed, and who knows, will exist in any given latitude. As far as the eye can see they’re surrounded by deep, cold waters and they’re covered in snow and ice that breaks light apart in countless colored fragments and keeps these dormant giants protected and awake. While these mountains remain unreachable and inhospitable they’ll be safe from men’s predatory action and they’ll be conserving themselves for a future when we’ll be able to use and enjoy them in a rational and sensible way.



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