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Dar Schafer
Dar Schafer

Silver Street Studios




I began painting at the age of 13, selling my first painting at 16. I paint with oils, acrylics, water colors and 2 D mixed media. I incorporate lots of texture into my artwork using heavy paste moldings, charcoal, acrylic paint, gold/silver/copper leafing, crackle pastes, stone, marble dust, burlap and other natural elements. My tools of choice are palette knives, spatulas, and large brushes. My paintings are very tactile, almost 3 D. My goal for clients and viewers alike is to have a "look, touch and feel" experience. I've immersed myself into the amazing world of abstracts, finding it very challenging and feel it's helped me progress as an artist. I've always been able to connect with people and bring out what they want on canvas - to draw upon a person's inner soul and bring it to life. You will often see the use of circles and mapping in my art. The inspiration comes from my Native American Ojibway heritage, who originated the dream catcher, believing they filter out bad dreams, and served as a gateway to the spiritual world. My works often portray dual meanings - beginnings, protection, positivity, and personal development.

Collage / Mixed Media


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