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Deaf Artist, Alex W Wilhite
Deaf Artist, Alex W Wilhite

Winter Street Studios




Alex Wilhite's Biography Artist, Alex Wilhite born Deaf. Discovered to be an artist at the art class at the age of 5 years past. Lived and educated at overseas to the Middle East in Kuwait. Awarded B.F.A. studio art from the University of North Alabama and M.F.A. Painting, Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, New York. I have had several positive responses to my working processing as an encaustic artist. I fell in love working that medium because it is the very best challenge that has lost since Roman/Egypt Period. Jasper John is my hero artist of the 21st- century art history. Plan to continue to explore as the new encaustic and cold wax medium to do new works. Participated a group exhibition called �Edges Encaustic Show,� Morpho Gallery, Chicago that was my recent exhibition that was my most challenged exhibition August 2015. Also participated a group called �Global Warm is Real at the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which collects one of my work, �Melting Arctic� as permanent collection Summer 2017. Artist in Residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont and Austine School for the Deaf, Brattleboro, Vermont 2002.



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