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Diane Gelman Studio
Diane Gelman Studio

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




My artwork is a visual feast of imaginative food-centric paintings with exciting collage elements. I have made a series of artworks featuring an array of colorful desserts, which literally pop off of the canvas or board. I have invented my own special techniques to create garnishes that look completely real. I create an under painting on birch board, add the detailed collage elements (like berries, chocolate curls, and whipped cream), apply more garnishes of paint using a pastry bag, and finally cover the whole surface with resin. The result is a dessert display that appears to actually be sitting in a pastry case behind glass in front of the viewer. I want my art to make the viewer feel like a kid in the candy store - thinking that they could pick whichever dessert their heart desires. Diane Gelman is a graduate of The Glassell School of Art and is also a Registered, Licensed Dietitian. Diane has exhibited work in juried local and national exhibitions, solo shows, and has artwork in many private collections.

Collage / Mixed Media


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