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dianne k. webb
dianne k. webb

Winter Street Studios




Artist, dianne k. webb is best known for her color rich paintings that capture ideas and translate them into abstract visual elements. Large works in oil and mixed media on canvas as well as ink works on paper often combine figurative with geometric elements to express the ideas of transformation; love and the struggles of relationship; the struggles of democracy and capitalism; death and dying; and various aspects of the individual�s ever morphing identity. Webb has exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Canada in various solo andgroup shows including M Squared Gallery, Houston; The Foundry, Houston; Archway Gallery, Houston; Art Car Museum, Houston; Parallax Art Fair, NYC; and the Shoe Factory in Rochester, NY. Born in Maine, Webb is the middle generation of three generations of visual, literary, healing and performing artists. Webb, also a theater director, curates art exhibitions in thematic coordination with Stark Naked Theatre�s plays each season. She holds a BA and an MFA from Lesley University. She lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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