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Elena Sandovici
Elena Sandovici

Sabine Street Studios



Elena Sandovici is currently an Escapist in John Ross Palmer�s Mentorship Program, Class of 2018. She paints daily, mostly watercolors inspired by themes such as travel, displacement, and identity. Her work explores the fine line between being lost and being free, between projecting hope onto journeys to faraway destinations, and trying to find happiness in one�s current circumstances. She shows her daily paintings, each accompanied by a story, on her blog �Have Watercolors will Travel� ( Her previous shows include Fish Paintings (Java Joe�s, Binghamton, NY, January 2003), Departe De (Juried Invitational, Beaumont Art League, September 2013), Maria Elena Sandovici (Centelles Art Studio, Barcelona, Spain, June 2015), 12th Juried Invitational Show (Visual Arts Alliance, The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX, August 2017), and a permanent display at Tangerine Boutique, Galveston, TX. She is also an author and has published four novels (Dogs with Bagels, 2013; Stray Dogs and Lonely Beaches, 2015; Lost Path to Solitude, 2016; The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, 2017), and a volume of poetry in the voice of her dog (Stop and Smell the Garbage � Poems by the Biggest Dog in the Universe, 2017).



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