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Esmeralda P Sanchez
Esmeralda P Sanchez

Winter Street Studios



I am a visual artist currently working in paint, collage and printmaking. My work is a range of social narratives, Catholic imagery, and Mexican traditions. I work out of of my studio, #14, at Winter Street Studios in Sawyer Yards. I paint in acrylic for its fast drying properties. The medium will not allow for procrastination. This helps me catch a solitary moment important to me. My subject matter ranges from portraiture of personal heroes, abandoned buildings, church scenes and the female condition. My work responds to childhood memories, "breaking news", and abandonment. This often lends itself to engaging with materials outside of painting. Through these ideas, I hope to champion the underdog, provide an uncomfortable stab of truth, or reveal how we are more alike, than different.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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