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Summer Street Studios




To make art, it is the responsibility of the artist to modify reality and transform it into an artist language. My paintings and drawings, full of peculiar characters prepared to defend that reality called Fantasy, have traveled inside me by way of my life .I have represented them on canvas full of colors, passing though the range of sienas and ochres to black and white. My inspiration comes from all places and is in all places, in the whimsical shapes that clouds draw, in the lovers having coffee in the most exotic place of a city, in the muse that does not let her artist escape, and the virgin upon the sea who saves men that seek new horizons. My work represents that the memories live of a city that refuses to fall and maintains its beauty even when their balconies cannot be sustained. The paddle, coffee cup, suitcases, a palm tree disguised as a city, and a sky where the stars are as fragile as paper boats are elements used to carry a message that speaks of the Cuban immigrant. These memories are bound in the chest of every Cuban�..while living in a free land. Ferr�n



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