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french artist painter
french artist painter

Spring Street Studios




Graduate �Fine Arts High School� in France, �Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design� Denver, Colorado. I lived in various places around the globe : Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and all this impacted my temperament, my emotions and eventually my work. During these last years, I�m practicing an abstract painting, although expressive, on large size (150 * 200 cm, or 60 * 80 inch) acrylics on canvas. And also a dedicated work with colored pencils and gouache on paper in a more graphical style, always on large size. I�ve got always a collection of pictures in my head, that grows richer during journeys, through life, those pictures are here unconsciously when I paint, I do not analyze them but they help me understand what I�m doing. I keep the principle of a free abstract painting which seeks its own writing on a contemporary manner. My artistic freedom struggles with material demands, a struggle between pleasure and resilience that implores and explores the unconscious, that fosters dream and fantasy and seeks to produce an experience of creation of mind and senses. My painting is looking for a certain esthetics, search that is for me the human creativity distinctive feature.



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