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Gretchen McDaniel
Gretchen McDaniel

Winter Street Studios



Born in Houston, and raised along the Texas Gulf Coast, I grew up in a Christian-like cult. Breaking free of that when I was 18, I’ve explored the concept of “truth” ever since. In 1979, I moved to Detroit on a whim and stayed for eight years. While there, I danced with John Lee Hooker, discovered the power of art, explored numerous basement bars and determined that you can’t get rid of snow on a sidewalk with a hair dryer. I came back to Houston with a child, and fell in love with my hometown all over again. I was introduced to quilting in my mid-30s when married into a family that holds many quilters. My new mother-in-law wanted to teach me how to quilt, so…of course I agreed, and fell in love with the art. Being strongly attracted to the tactile feel and colors of fabric and threads, I now quilt AND work with fabrics and fibers in other artworks. I strive for truth, mercy, justice, and most of all, love in my life. I have found a strong voice to reflect that in my art. My hope is that you see the same.



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