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Haley Bowen
Haley Bowen

The Silos at Sawyer Yards



407- 376-7352

I am a Neo-Expressive figure artist and work in a variety of mediums. A former, near full-time yoga instructor, I was surrounded by incredibly diverse bodies, movement, shapes, and emotions -- constantly in awe and curious about the specialization of the human body. Healing from my past relationships and coming back from a hidden voice, I have decided to let my art be my voice -- the fear, the anxiety, the wonder, the amazement, anything that's been repressed or stuck in my headspace. The human body has no single straight line, movement and the marks of creation are what I aim to imprint on every single work I create. Leaving room for the viewer to complete the image in his or her mind, I pray that the artwork tells a story we can all find connections to.



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