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Hannan Art & Photography
Hannan Art & Photography

Spring Street Studios




Oil and Acrylic paint have their individual challenges. The immediacy of Acrylics forces me to identify challenges and address them quickly, and at times is unforgiving. Oil paint, is like an old friend, it welcomes me in and surprises me with beautiful blends and textures, while giving added time to experiment. My abstracts are influenced by memories and photographs of Landscapes, The Ocean, Lakes and Ponds. To capture the violence of the waves on the ocean and the peaceful solitude of a hidden pond or lake. Water has always intrigued me, it sustains, destroys and builds life. In Texas, Water has been an important part of our History from the early days of taming the parched earth of West Texas for Ranching, to the beautiful lakes of East Texas and the destruction to South Texas by Hurricanes and Floods. My goal in painting, is to evoke emotion and have the viewer participate in the journey.



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