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Iarussi Studios
Iarussi Studios

Winter Street Studios




Dana Iarussi is a colorist in the abstract impressionist styles. Her passions for life and art are vividly seen in her colorful canvases. Dana paints with acrylic emulsions that she creates from components that she mixes herself. This allows her to transform the images in her minds� eye to the canvas. By experimenting with this never-ending kaleidoscope of colors and textures, Dana is able to transform common and ordinary subjects into unequaled artistic interpretations. Moving around the country, Dana studied and learned from the work of the American and European masters. She has spent countless hours studying and painting in the museums of New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Cleveland, Houston, London, Copenhagen and Paris. Today she lives and works in Houston. When Dana creates a painting, �it is color first and composition second�. When Dana looks at a forest, she sees �lavenders, blues, plums and russets�. And she sees the �brighter than life�. Participating in an artistic activity each and every day provides the fluidity and consistency that is essential in art; whether that is painting on canvas, sketching artistically in a life drawing workshop or visualizing a new project, �I must remain artistically active� says the artist.



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