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J. Goloshubin
J. Goloshubin

Sabine Street Studios




With the background in Computer Science and Business, I first discovered painting when my daughter and I went to spend some quality time in one of the mass painting classes. This experience was an epiphany for me, I completely submerged into the studies of art, composition, and technique, developing the style of painting that I like the most under the guidance of a fabulous art teacher, Charles Darnell - a seasoned artist and a native Houstonian. I have lived in three different countries - Norway, Russia, and now The United States - for longer periods of time, and I have traveled extensively, getting unique experiences that I can now incorporate into my art. I mainly paint with oils, admiring the vibrancy of colors and the versatility of the paints. My style is representational realism, it requires outstanding compositional skills, understanding of perspective, and knowledge of the subject. I always create my own original compositions, therefore each and every one of my paintings is absolutely unique.



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