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Jen Lam Parmer - Jewelry Studio
Jen Lam Parmer - Jewelry Studio

Silver Street Studios




Jen Lam Parmer is a Houston based jewelry artist and metalsmith who fabricates bold designs made from unusual materials and techniques. You'll find everything from brightly colored tassel earrings, lightweight jewelry made from watercolor paper, and even necklaces made with real teeth in her studio at The Silos on Sawyer. Artistic inspiration comes from ancient mythology, numbers, scripture, family, and most of all, nature. With a focus on non-traditional techniques, she utilizes circuit board etching to create oversized moth and butterfly jewelry, for her series titled Messages from Beyond. The Breastplate series of bold necklaces is inspired by the chest armor of biblical times and the beautiful quartz crystals are wire wrapped for the Crystal Stalactite series. Twigs and leaves are made everlasting by electroforming them in copper for the Sticks & Stone collection. And because wearing tassels can be oh so fun, gemstones and handmade tassels are combined to mimic the absolutely adorable decorated alpaca's of Peru. Stop by Studio #312 to view her share space with mixed-media artist, Laura Tyagi and peruse their totally original & colorful Paper Jewelry collection.



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