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John Hovig
John Hovig

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




My practice is about systematic visual complexity. I strive for balanced images that keep the eye in motion. Educated as an engineer and software developer, I was programmatic and analytical by trade. As an artist I distance myself from technology�s promises of perfection, but take advantage of its creative potential. Single-Line Drawings � Wiry, cloud-like abstractions. Drawn entirely by hand, with no technology. I begin with a sweeping gesture in a thicker line, then continue with a thinner pen, sometimes a third, adding increasing detail until done. It�s not done in one sitting. I work slowly and carefully, keeping the result as abstract as possible. Everyone can see what they want. Clips & Ruler Paintings & Sculptures � Paper clips, portrayed roughly, symmetrically arranged in colorful groups around a slashing ruler. I limit myself to four colors to give each shade maximum impact. In fact, the single-line drawings descended from these arrangements. A paper clip is a single line, isn�t it? Mandalas � I photograph my drawings, paintings, and sculptures, and turn them into kaleidoscopic complications through computer-based photomanipulation, printing them onto circular aluminum disks, in limited editions. They�re all about complexity, symmetry, harmony, and the element of surprise.



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