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JP Denk Photo
JP Denk Photo

The Silos at Sawyer Yards



I’m a photographer, writer, compliance guru and occasional bon vivant. Friends call me Jim. I was born in New Jersey, but Houston is home. I’ve spent decades balancing a career in higher education with outside creative pursuits. I was almost cool for 12 minutes in the 90s, as singer for the Houston-based band, Phyneas Gauge. Somewhere in Scotland, I discovered a passion for photography, whisky, travel and whisky. Armed with 900 rolls of film, imperceptible skills and the energy of a feral kitten, I shot every castle, mountain and streetlamp from every possible angle, thrice. I filled dozens of binders with negatives of average photos. Couldn’t have envisioned it then, but those negatives prompted a new photographic inspiration. After decades of viewing film as a means to an end, I’ve begun to rescue and photograph old negatives, glass slides and other source material, then rework the files into something new. Aside from my own negatives, items are acquired in bulk wherever I can find them. Some, from personal collections, have been passed down or lost, and finally rediscovered in someone’s basement. Some are more than 100 years old. Most are damaged, and many feature weird subject matter. Kinda like me.



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