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Karuna Leach
Karuna Leach

Silver Street Studios



Karuna began painting as a way to create beauty in an otherwise empty (wall) space. Her creative process is organic as she feels her way through, exploring both color and texture. She uses color to evoke a mood, and plays with texture to create depth and dimension. The piece is done when new realms of beauty are discovered within it. “I let things emerge and when I feel a piece is done, I decide on a name. When I pray and meditate, I often see earthly images from a heavenly perspective. I’m called to use my art to extract the Truth about WHAT REALLY MATTERS. I plumb the depths of myself, inviting others to come along and do the same. I use my feelings as my artistic medium, and I LOVE my medium." She paints with acrylics and inks employing resin and a variety of other textures. She has shown her work in a variety of art shows and group exhibitions and has installed works in private collections in Texas, Arizona and California.



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