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Lark Fontaine Textiles
Lark Fontaine Textiles

Sabine Street Studios




Since joining the hospitality marketplace in 1997, founder and creator of Lark Fontaine, Meredith Ueckert, has owned and operated The Meredith Scott Group, a successful multi-line purveyor of carpet, furniture and textiles for the hospitality industry. As her relationship with textile manufacturers evolved so did her love and passion for creating usable and luxurious textiles. After working on the debut collection for almost two years, Lark Fontaine unveils multiple SKU's that are high-performing with a luxurious hand in a wide variety of colorways for upholstery and drapery. Lark Fontaine addresses a need in the market for a luxurious textile collection that is responsive and, understands the performance and needs for hospitality and residential interiors. We look forward to serving you!



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