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Marlo Saucedo
Marlo Saucedo

The Silos at Sawyer Yards



Experiences as a writer/interviewer and a lifetime love of the written word influence Saucedo�s work in acrylic, ink, and paper: Line and positive space are created using lists, quotes, poetry, and research, a style she describes as �visual art narrative.� Saucedo is interested in the internal and external, mind and matter. She presents illusion in her work - an interior at a close distance, like the stories we hold within ourselves, and a separate exterior from further away. A native Houstonian, Saucedo holds a BA in Psychology from Davidson College and an MBA from UT Austin. She was introduced to art via scholarship classes as a child at MFAH�s Glassell School. An Individual Artist Fellowship Grant Award through Houston Arts Alliance led to a visual art narrative piece created from interviews about Houston Mounted Patrol officers� jobs and lives, now installed at their facility. Community projects include a tree from 200+ families� heritage/culture stories for Woodlands Arts Council, and pieces from fifth graders� poetry for Travis Elementary/Writers In The Schools.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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