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Marsha Glickman
Marsha Glickman

Winter Street Studios




Educated as a clinician and IT professional, structure and methodical detail show in Ms. Glickman's passion for deconstructing and reconfiguring found paper, paintings, book parts and other ephemera into meaningful works of art. She incorporates right and left brain messages in her pieces with the effusive use of color to provoke the viewer to see his or her personal story in the work. Marsha Glickman is a visionary upcycle artist using only original found materials in her work. "There is great pleasure in giving disparate and discarded ephemera the opportunity for a new life; a new purpose and meaning when combined into a single construction. The complexity and hidden messages in my artistic creations reference concepts and/or historical instances that I enjoy sharing. My work is influenced by my wonderful life experiences: living and travelling internationally, family upbringing, thoughts on world events and my scientific/technical education".__

Collage / Mixed Media


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