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Monique Weston Art Jewelry
Monique Weston Art Jewelry

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




I search high and low, in junkyards, garage sales and online, for castoff pieces of the past, and then reinvent them. I find antique and vintage architectural elements, including postage stamps, musical instruments, hinges, keyholes, chandelier parts, antique tools and doorbells. My favorite materials are those that were originally designed only for function. I frame them in classical jewelry settings, to highlight their hidden and often unintended beauty. The result is a striking and adventurous synthesis of industrial strength and glamour. I sell in boutiques in Texas, Massachusetts and California, as well as Amazon Handmade, but I�m a veteran of art markets and festivals, and I absolutely love the vendor experience! This year I have a whole new line of earrings, made with postage stamps, coins and clock-parts. They elicit some amazing stories from people of all walks of life - places they've traveled or lived, or read about, and countries that have changed regimes, borders and names. People also talk about where their families came from, and reach out to gently stroke a gleaming piece as they tell the old family stories. My work evokes hope, renewal and endless possibilities.



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