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Paula Hawkins Art
Paula Hawkins Art

Winter Street Studios




Paula Hawkins is a fine artist who is one of the artist's chosen for John Ross Palmer's 2018 Escapist Mentorship Program. She combines realism with abstract impressionism to create works that are beautiful and symbolic, capturing color and light, imagination, time and mood while exploring art and quantum physics. She is interested in exploring the spiritual connection between Art and Quantum Physics. Her art explores the many worlds and dimensions connecting Science, Art and Nature. �I believe art and music can touch your subconscious and feed your soul in a way logic cannot.� �I paint to explore thoughts, emotions and dimensions inside the painting, such as color, light, mood and time, seeking to find out what lies behind how we think about nature, science and art, creating a new way to see and think about the world.� �I am extremely interested in quantum physics, artificial intelligence and technology and how they impact art, science, nature and society.� �I admire the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, Jasper Johns and Wassily Kandinsky, specifically for their use of brilliant light and color.� .



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