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Rolando Rojas Studio
Rolando Rojas Studio

Silver Street Studios




Rolando Rojas in Houston The presence of Rolando Rojas provides yet another symbol of the expanding vibrant artistic scene in Houston. As a multicultural city where art flourishes for the benefit of residents and visitors, and where established world-class museums and galleries thrive alongside public performance spaces and alternative arts venues, Houston is immersed in the effort of building broader and more diverse audiences for the arts. That these audiences are increasingly able to learn about Mexico�s rich artistic and cultural traditions through the work of one of the country�s leading contemporary visual artists -- without having to travel any further than the city�s Washington arts district -- benefits the local community by creating important new platforms for artistic and cultural exchange and connection. The presence of Rolando Rojas in Houston, whose influential work resonates within local and international contexts alike, not only marks a new source of inspiration for Houstonians, but also contributes to ongoing conversations about what is possible and desirable within our community, and continues to build on our city�s reputation as a creative destination and important hub for Latino and Latin American art.



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