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Rona Lesser
Rona Lesser

The Silos at Sawyer Yards




Looking at our world with wonder, whether it is figurative or landscape inspires all of my artwork. Painting and drawing becomes a form of meditation for me. I originally fell in love with drawing people, and through my figurative work try and capture human emotions. I have always felt a spiritual connection when out in nature and want to share that with others through my portrayal of sites I have visited. The paintings all come from photos I have taken of places I have been, or are painted on site. I choose the medium based on what I think will best portray my emotional attachment to a site, and often do several versions of the same site in both acrylic and watercolor. Bio: I have been painted for over 30 years working in figurative and landscape primarily. I have trained at the Glassell, the Art League of Houston, and the Watercolor Society of Houston and have participated in many juried exhibits in Houston . Nationally I have been in juried exhibits in N.Y.,Los Angeles, and Chicago. I have had solo exhibits in Houston. I am on the national board of the National Women's Caucus for Art.



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