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Ryan Fugate Fine Art
Ryan Fugate Fine Art

Winter Street Studios




My Work is not about creating objective art of a physical subject, though at times one may be represented. Rather, it is about expressing and creating transcendental experience, inner states or what I like too call " Soul Scapes". The creative process is a way for me to experience something greater then myself and becomes a spiritual experience and practice. The seed of inspiration may come from my studies and travels, music, a memory, a feeling, or simply an idea waiting to be explored. I believe in allowing myself the freedom of exploration and experimentation, to go where my inspiration wants to take me rather then limiting myself to one style, medium or form of expression. Each new piece becomes a unique adventure ever changing and evolving. Though at times I may have an intellectual motive behind a piece, ultimately my work is not to be an intellectual challenge that needs to be deciphered. Rather, I simply hope that it will strike its own chord: a spiritual resonance with the viewer, and will experience the work as it is, and find their own connection within it.



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