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Sarma of Santa Fe
Sarma of Santa Fe

Spring Street Studios




Sarma Taylor is a graduate of Boston University and currently an art history masters student at the University of St. Thomas. She also studied painting and jewelry making at the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Although Sarma has her own consulting company, Franchise Innovators International LLC, where she provides business advising and CFO services to small businesses, her heart is in her studio. Focusing on jewelry and painting, Sarma feels the relationship of colors, shapes and textures grow out of the materials and items themselves. Art reflects a bond of disparate elements on a more subconscious level. A piece of jewelry with colored stones and precious metals may take months to craft, as the effective pairing of these pieces must have time to emerge. Paint on the canvas reflects the blending of colors and shapes on a textured fabric background. The interconnectivity of the elements communicates a special message to the observer. Sarma has shown her work on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In Houston, her work was displayed at the Jung Center last year.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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