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Suzette Schutze
Suzette Schutze

Silver Street Studios



Creating works of art allows me to bridge my artistic knowledge with endless possibilities. I am a visual artist who continually pushes my creative limits through mixed media. My current works include abstract paintings that encompass movement and liveliness. An abstracted painting is one in which the subject is simplified or reduced to its essential forms. The inspiration for my works of art come from many people and places. I am particularly fond of being outdoors. I am an athlete by training and have participated in many endurance races including Ironman distance events. Endurance training allows for much time to think and develop ideas for works of art. To continue my education and remain current in the arts, I take classes at The Glassell School of Arts located within the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. My works can be viewed on my website:, in my studio at Silver Street Studios, at local businesses, art leagues, and surrounding cities throughout the Houston area.

Collage / Mixed Media


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