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Suzie Gillock
Suzie Gillock

Winter Street Studios





Color, texture, nature, beauty, sea shells and design. These are things I love and are reflected in most of my artwork. My collages are texture and elements that are joined by the use of color. Old stamps, shells, paper, twine, floss, watercolor and found objects. My shell art decorates utilitarian objects and brings beauty to a once forgotten object. Boxes, lamps, candleholders, trays, bottles and objects that need a new life. My greeting cards are a reflection of my collages, are all hand made and originals. I graduated from Texas Tech University, had a 25 year career in the Advertising Agency business where I was an Art Director and Creative Director. My design background has proven to be an influence in my work. I have studied art all my life and after retirement have been able to further explore and create in my studio at Winter Street.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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