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Spring Street Studios



TONY PARANÁ SALVADOR, BAHIA, BRAZIL Tony Paranå is a self-taught artist, from the state of Bahia, Brazil. Located in the northeastern region of the country, Bahia is a state known for its rich colors, flavorful foods, beautiful landscapes, eclectic music and unique Afro-Brazilian traditions. Many of these components are portrayed in Paran��s work as he captures subject matter ranging from community life to local architecture, all having warmth and vibrant movement. Paran� works primarily in oil painting, mixed media, sculptures and mosaics. His work has been exhibited in S�o Paulo-Brazil, Los Angeles-CA, Albuquerque-NM, New York City-NY, Paris-France and in his current home, Houston-TX. His private collection has traveled across the country and internationally to places mentioned above as well as to Helsinki-Finland and Miami-FL. ��Happiness doesn�t come from the outside. It comes from what you give and from what you do. When people look at my art, I want them to know me and also feel connected to the subject or message. I hope that each time people look at my art, they get infused with a different emotion. Paraná

Collage / Mixed Media


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