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Vicki Hessemer - Artist
Vicki Hessemer - Artist

Silver Street Studios




After a psychic told her she was supposed to paint, every painting that Vicki Hessemer had ever seen in her life flashed through her mind. Terrified, this is how her art career began. Vicki was initially self-taught and then studied art at the Art League of Houston, Glassell School of Art and with various artists in the U.S. Prior studies that have contributed to her work are interior design, healing touch, Spiritual Response Therapy and owning a yoga studio. All of this and a twenty year period of personal growth work, soul searching and spiritual questioning activated her ability to express emotion and bring the world we may not see but may certainly feel to life on canvas. Vicki Hessemer was born in Houston, Texas and works predominantly in the medium of abstract painting and collage.

Collage / Mixed Media


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