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Vincent Fink
Vincent Fink

Winter Street Studios



I intend to share my thoughts, dreams and nightmares in order to help elevate the human condition and understanding of one�s self. My primary medium is subconsciousness on consciousness. The Atlas Metamorphosis is my manifesto and Iterations are my pattern of refining an ever-changing interpretation of the world. I saw my first masterpiece in a lucid dream. To recreate it in this waking life I filled in the gaps of my memory by developing an imaginary world. Here, each stage of an extraordinarily large Atlas beetle deity�s metamorphosis is accompanied by a different cultural empire. It serves as a cultural critique of historic religious cycles and political hierarchy. I further refine my inking and multi-point perspective drawing skills with sharp line-work along with my own form of smudging sumi-e ink on Eucaboard panels. When I need a release from the greyscale world of Atlas, I enter the infinite variations of colorful Iterations. This series focuses on the idea that Sacred Geometry is interconnected with all matter and thought in the universe. Surrealism allows the viewer to explore their own thoughts and emotions as they project them onto my stage. The polyhedra sometimes serve as props representing harmony and balance.

Fine Craft / Artisan


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