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Yoga Better
Yoga Better

Silver Street Studios




For over 20 years, we've been developing a style based on a very simple commitment: You feel better when you walk out of the door than when you walked in. Until now, there was virtually no public venue for the Yoga Better style. With a group of highly trained teachers, we're excited to offer a space that challenges the expectation of what a yoga class can be, while staying fun and accessible. Our practice is this: Developing a profound connection to your body that leaves you feeling better, with better functionality, are stronger and more flexible – all so that you can get on the ground and play with your great grand-children. Our focus and teaching style is an anatomy-based inquiry to find a way to safely balance and strengthen the body. We've found movement that makes a difference in the health of your body; with no restrictions on experience, age, ability, awareness, focus, history, collection of injuries, attitude, et al. From Handstands to walking to stillness, Yoga Better offers an appropriate class for anyone, at any level, at any point in their life. In other words: You're welcome here. You will find classes for contortionists and grandmas (or both!).



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