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Zachary J. Williams
Zachary J. Williams

Sabine Street Studios



Zachary J. Williams a visual artist specializing in traditional oil painting. In 2003, he received his B.A. in Art from San Francisco State University. After graduation, he returned to his hometown of Sacramento, CA, to further pursue his studio practice, simultaneously curating exhibitions with a local art gallery while also managing an art studio. In 2009, he moved to Chicago and began an evolving series of works regarding children and gun violence. He has just recently relocated to Houston where he will continue to expand the parameters of his art practice. Mr. Williams’ large-scale works continue to gain notoriety not only for their narrative but also for their dramatic emotional impact. Throughout his career, Zachary has had the opportunity to engage in various forms of artistic outreach, received several artist grants, and has exhibited his work in galleries and museums across the U.S.



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