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Zulma Vega
Zulma Vega

Silver Street Studios



After over 15 years working in the IT Business, Zulma decided to fulfill her dream of becoming an artist. She has been studying art for the last 5 years at Glassell School of Art in Houston. Changing careers is not always the easiest thing, but giving the soul what it needs, makes everything better. ​ Heraclitus of Ephesus, the Greek philosopher said, “Everything changes and nothing stands still” and it is exactly change what Zulma deals with through her paintings. Working mainly in 2D, she is in a journey of experimenting different techniques both in oil and acrylic and exploring through painting her own emotions and reaction to life experiences and change. She is currently working on the importance of Family Systems Theory in her life, that suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation but rather as part of a unit, a family. She depicts the subject matter through geometrical shapes overlapping figurative images. The used of the triangle, sphere, circles and rims has been present in her latest work as she uses it as a symbol to suggest no beginning, no end in a Family System.



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