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GRANARIES TO GALLERIES: A Peek Inside the Old Riviana Silos, Where the Deal Company Is Transforming

Clarification, 12/22: Jon Deal of Deal Properties writes: “Just wanted to clarify that Studio Red is not specifically working on the silo project, rather they are studying a master plan of approximately 35 contiguous acres owned by Frank Liu, Steve Gibson and myself of which The Silos are part. Jason Logan and Matt Johnson of LOJO architects is working on the facade.”

UNDER THE SIGN of the merry Mahatma, workers are sweeping out what stray grains of rice may linger within the 38 silos at the old Riviana Foods complex at 1520 Sawyer, which last contained the cereal crop in 2008.

They are prepping for its new purpose as the Silos on Sawyer, a 79,000 sq.-ft. art space and the latest addition to the Deal Company’s pre-existing Spring Street Studios, Winter Street Studios and Silver Steet Studios complex in the heart of the State of Texas-recognized Washington Avenue Arts District.

Reader Noah Brenner ventures inside, camera in hand:

A total of 55 workspaces are now available for lease, along with 20,000 sq.-ft. set aside for flexible buildouts such as restaurants, galleries or retail.


The complex’s 9,000 sq.-ft. “Honeycomb” features a warren of 27 rooms at the base of the 83-foot silos, offering the visitors to mind-meld with a worker bee.Deal touts the Honeycomb as ideal for “unique” spaces or events.

According to PaperCity, Studio Red, renovators of the Alley Theatre and transformers of the Summit into Lakewood Church, has been hired to brainstorm on the Silos’ rebirth; one idea being kicked around now is to slot in a restaurant on the complex’s old railroad loading dock.

The Winter / Spring / Silver Studios complex hosted its first FotoFest this spring and now claims to be home to the highest density of artists in Texas.

Photos: Noah Brenner

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