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Drone captures the action as Houston artists celebrate World Art Day in a big way


To celebrate World Art Day today (April 15) and the upcoming Spring Biannual Art Stroll & Sale, about 70 members of the Artists at Sawyer Yards got together to stage a large-scale aerial photo emphasizing the importance of art in Houston and around the globe.

Each artist brought an important tool for his or her work, so they held paintbrushes, sculpting tools, cameras, and more as they spelled out the word ART as an overhead drone captured the action.

The International Association of Art (IAA) chose the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci (April 15) as World Art

Day to annually promote an international celebration of the fine arts and awareness of creative activity worldwide.

The Stroll & Sale takes place April 22 from 5 - 10 pm at Sawyer Yards, located in the heart of the Washington Avenue Arts District, in five repurposed industrial buildings, including The Silos, Silver Street Studios, Spring Street Studios, Summer Street Studios and Winter Street Studios. Painting, jewelry, sculpture, photography, and mixed media created by the the Artists at Sawyer Yards will be available for sale.

Also, artist-decorated ornamental birdhouses will be sold for $100 each, with proceeds benefiting the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.

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