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Ruin, Ruins, Ruining

Image by Jeff Forster

Ruin, Ruins, Ruining - Sculptures in Art Alley

Sawyer Yards is proud to be a participating venue of Sculpture Month Houston 2019.

The public is invited to Art Alley at Sawyer Yards to view Ruin, Ruins, Ruining, featuring sculptures by artist Jeff Forster that are on view until fall of 2020.

Drawing inspiration from piles of cast-off agricultural equipment and dilapidated farm structures observed as a child, Jeff Forster examines how consumer culture functions and questions the residue it leaves behind. Ruin, Ruins, Ruining implements discarded objects and materials to create monolithic structures that speak to the past while bearing witness to the future. Jeffs’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and he has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants. Currently he is the Department Head of Ceramics at the Glassell School of Art.

Opening reception: Saturday, October 5th | 7-9 PM

All exhibitions are free and open to the public Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM.

Central parking is free and located at 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007.

Art Alley at Sawyer Yards

1502 Sawyer Street, Houston, TX 77007

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